Who We Are

4Mind Ventures is a group of talented individuals with 20 years of experience as an independently owned partnership focusing exclusively on the long term growth and preservation of our client capital.

Our firm follows two guiding principles :
-          Provide excellent client services.
-          Avoid speculation and resist fads.



4Mind Ventures is a wholly independent, privately owned partnership. This eliminates the corporate conformity often found in public companies – a conformity that arises from the need to provide short-term shareholder value.

If allows for an alignment of interests :

Agency of 4Mind Ventures invest alongside clients, putting our own capital into the same investments that we recommend to our clients. And our autonomy ensures that we never sell products or services that our clients do not need.



We evaluate the success of our investment decisions over years rather than weeks or quarters and we avoid the noise and hyperbole of Wall Street and its attendant media by relying upon vigorous proprietary research to buttress those decisions.

Focusing on signal rather than noise. While taking a long-term perspective, allow us to look past ephemeral investment schemes and seek out more durable opportunities.

“Know what you own, and know why you own it.”
— Peter Lynch, Author, Investor & Mutual Fund Manager